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New Fractal Texture Jewelry Collection

In 2022, My friend Kathryn and I went on several thrifting adventures and began noticing flatware at local flea markets and antique shops. What fun it was to treasure hunt with her, and soon we enlisted Steve, Kathryn's husband.

I purchased an assortment of plated flatware, and after a few months, I invited them to play in the studio. We had a great workout that day trying to achieve what we wanted with the tools that I had (very sore and some blistering the day after). I learned what type of flatware, materials, and tools we would need to execute the designs and once I obtained the necessary elements and tools, I played with bending techniques and different silhouettes that could be made from these treasures.

These materials, however, frustrate me. If I don't know what metals precisely my treasures are made from, I can't guarantee that the pieces I create will hold their color or not turn a finger green. And I feel if I am creating something it should last. To solve this problem, I started to look at vintage sterling flatware. This is material I understand.

I purchased and quickly sold through my first sterling spoon rings and then had an epiphany. As a metalsmith, I am not limited to just spoons. I can take inspiration from the different silhouettes and textures that come along with flatware and apply my own textures and silhouettes.

I used my favorite go-to material - Sterling Silver. I melted a bunch of scraps, made some ingots, rolled them out and then applied a few different textures to the metal, and then hand-drew and sawed different elements. One texture pattern really stood out - It appeared as a fractal (a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole). The pattern is stunning as is but when a patina is added to it, it becomes an entirely different look.

The Fractal Collection was inspired by friendship, thrifting, and recycled metals and elements.

I can share this collection with you by enlisting my husband, Peter, an amazing photographer. Sterling Silver is a tough medium to photograph, and he makes it look so easy. 

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