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Tuesday August 18, 2020

Morning :)

I already polished yesterday's rings this morning and started prep on today's rings. I am very excited. I changed the process that I have been following on spinner production. I put all the elements in the tumbler separately yesterday which polished them up amazingly. It also cut down on the amounts of sanding and polishing. Making strides. Funny when you make stuff from scratch and as you work you improve on the process you started, not one that was provided. Any hoo... here are current work images and I am back to the bench.

Courtlyn is back from her weekend so I am off customer service duties till next Saturday evening and everyone is busy working in their homes (all of our work juggling took place yesterday - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday hammered stacking band hand off from Kylie to Amanda to ship. I am excited to have a deep focus today.

Happy Tuesday,

xoxo Jill



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