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Tuesday August 11, 2020

AM Greetings from the Basement!

I decided to add a happy photo of the shop from last summer when our flowers were in bloom. I miss our UPS drivers always coming in and hurling snarky comments at me. I enjoy a good snark. Although I have made contact with one of my home UPS drivers (my mom's neighbor actually) and he gave me an update on everyone lol.

I had to stop working last night because I was tired and messing up. After a good night sleep I am ready to get at it again. 

One of the things that added to my mood last night - it seems I may have mixed up two labels on spinners... I know right? Waiting all this time to get your ring then you open the box and it isn't what you ordered. UGH. I hate when that happens. We deal with so many pieces everyday and don't have many mishaps but ugh... when it happens it just sucks. All that work and then bam. I do know I made the right ring because I have a video of it...derp.

On a positive note it's Courtlyn's monday and she takes back over Etsy customer service. She is amazing and I am so very grateful for her...Apparently she fixes roofs as well as makes jewelry (throwing this in here to see if she reads this lol)

Ok time to reboot, focus and get making. 

Happy Tuesday :)

xoxo jill

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