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Thursday August 13, 2020

Hello Thursday!!

Well I woke up like this... excited to make stuff? I don't know where this insatiable need to make things came from but I will ride the wave today. Going to hand polish the four spinners from yesterday then continue onto the next four rings.

Everyday now I have these reusable shopping bags that go to each house/shop to keep the work flowing. I bought some command strips to attach them to the wall to keep me organized. I get all the supply shipments for the studio to my house these days and I have to divy up the supplies and make sure they get to the right house.

I am going to try to start requesting postal pickups to the house once I get my new Ring doorbell that I ordered yesterday!! We were shipping everything from Amanda's house (she ships all the stacking bands that Kylie has been hammering and other pieces Courtlyn makes as well as cuts and preps the metals to make all our stacking bands) but I would have to have all my stuff done by 2 and then rush to the studio to drop it off for her to pick up. So now I have hired Miss b to pack and ship my stuff. This will cut out my midday glory run to the shop and keep me working and cut down on anxiety making.

One epic issue with postal pick ups in the past has been that I schedule a pick up and then never hear when the postman comes to pick up. The basement is too loud with tumblers going and a lot of times I am wearing earphones listening to ebooks or podcasts. Keeps my brain entertained and focused. I am hoping getting pickups will add to studio time and allow me to stay focus and work. 

ok enough here, have a great day!!

flame on,


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