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Sunday August 9, 2020

8:56 pm update

Good Evening Everyone,

Well I worked hard all day. I got all my rings soldered together for this weeks spinner rings and organized work for everyone else. I didn't get to the studio today - too busy prepping rings for the week. Tomorrow is another day.

I almost finished four more rings. If I can keep doing four rings per day this week I should finish out orders from May 8th. Here are the rings finished today:



Good Morning Everyone!!

It was a 2 cup of coffee morning today. Working on my planning for work this week. Courtlyn is off today so I'll be heading to the studio today to stamp any needed symbols and logos. I'll have run of the place lol. 

I am also the customer service agent on Sundays & Mondays when Courtlyn is out and try to answer messages while juggling production.

Lots to juggle, lots of people helping. I'll post more as I work today. 

Working on last order placed on May 4th - a sterling silver spinner ring. Then onto May 5th - 7 rings ordered that day. 

xoxo jill

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