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Monday August 10, 2020

Happy Evening,

Welllll it's 8:15 and I need to quit for the day. I started polishing rings and I flung one...I am lucky I found it! Then I started to solder a ring and I messed that too soooo I say the jewelry gods are telling me to quit for the night. 8 spinner rings shipped out today - here are the last ones out tonight:

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Rings that I finished and shipped today 🥰😍

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More to come tomorrow.


Good morning everyone!!

I was woken up by Lovey (my dog) at 6:30. She says you better get to work mama... or maybe it was more like FEED ME!!!! Any hoo, everyone is fed, I have coffee and I am up and turning on everything in the basement studio. 

I have lots to polish today to get to Amanda for shipping. I will have to leave the house to drop at the shop for her to pickup. I haven't left my house since hmmmm....Friday yeah Friday.

I was lucky my husband took the weekend off and he did all my outside bidding for me - post office drop and stopped by the studio to grab supplies to hand to Kylie for her to do a contactless pick up this morning at my house - she has been hammering all our stacking band orders. She works from home in her basement as well. She has been with me since the start of House of Metalworks - it all did originally start in my basement lol.

My husband also keeps me nourished by cooking everything. He's Italian so that's showing his love. I have proof he loves me in my COVID belly. I used to ride my bike to the shop when I could back in the day when I worked at the shop but my bike riding has been cut off dramatically. Plus it is so hot here. 

One of my most favorite things currently is that I set up a box next to the bench and I lure our cats (Mars & Jupiter "Jupi" both rescues from the Sanctuary at Haafsville) to come hang with me... If I would purchase a fancy cat tower they wouldn't use it...just sayin... and Mars just walked into my trap

Ok well that's all that is on my mind at the moment... better get to work.

Talk to you guys later.

xoxo jill

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