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Friday August 14, 2020

Good morning,

Tumbler is already tumbling this morning. I got up, made coffee and then came down to answer some customer emails then got to work. Only problem was I realized I was still in my pajamas...

Take 2, Good Morning Everyone!!

I got out of the basement yesterday to do a drop at the shop, stamped some symbols for upcoming orders and checked in with Courtlyn & Amanda. Today is just all about making stuff yay!! I took a quick selfie in front of our "closed but still awesome" sign. I have kept our brick and mortar retail shop closed since the beginning so we could truly focus on online orders that luckily keep coming in. I am so very grateful. Our little shop supports 4 families. It's crazy to think that something in my basement that was created on a whim in 2012 could grow to do that. And we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

Hope you have a great Friday, be back later with PM update.

xoxo flame on,


working on spinner orders: 1642858037, 1632549722,1642877323, 1633295822 

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Morning everyone, next on the bench are these rings.

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