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Current ring queue by date ***updated 9/16/2020***

We are currently at about a 5 weeks behind on spinner ring production. This will fluctuate by the amounts ordered per day and should get better now that I have moved past the large amounts that were ordered in the beginning of the pandemic and Mother's day Gifting. 
Currently on May 24th orders
Upcoming Daily Ring Count:
May 5th: 7/7
May 6th: 9/9
May 7th: 2/2
May 8th: 6/6
May 9th: 8/8
May 10th: 2/2
May 11th: 5/5
May 12th: 1/1
May 14th: 4/4
May 15th: 1/1
May 16th: 4/4
May 17th: 2/2
May 18th: 2/2
May 19th: 2/2
May 20th: 1/1
May 21st: 2/2
May 22nd: 1/1
May 23rd: 2/2
May 24th: 1
May 25th: 2
May 26th: 1
May 27th: 3
May 28th: 1
May 30th: 3
May 31st: 3
June 1st: 4

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